Ongoing Survey

Perception of Students on National Education Policy 2020

As we are approaching the third year of the National Education Policy 2020, CESS is conducting a survey to capture the perception of students about key aspects of NEP 2020. The primary goal of the study is to gain insights into the implementation status and preparedness of HEIs from students’ point of view. Through the study, we intend to understand students' take on the policies and schemes of NEP, and how helpful it is to them for their holistic development and career prospects.

Recently completed Surveys

NEP 2020: Readiness of HEIs to Implement the Policy

Conducted a Survey to ascertain the level of Readiness of HEIs for implementing National Education Policy 2020. The survey was conducted in two phases. During the first phase, the responses were limited to institutions in Karnataka, and the second phase had institutions from across India with a difference of 6 months. The study tried to understand whether the institutions conducted NEP awareness programs, constituted a task force for implementation, conducted Faculty Development programs, improvised their infrastructure and if they had any institutional developmental plan to successfully implement NEP. In the first phase of the study, it was found that 55% of the HEIs were ready to implement the policy, whereas, during the second phase, it went down to 40% indicating that the perceived yardstick for calling themselves NEP prepared had changed in those 6 months, perhaps due to increased requirements and redefined criteria. Also, most of the institutions identified human resource, infrastructure, funding and insufficient government intervention as primary challenges in implementation of the NEP framework.


Online Survey to Study the attitude and behavior of people during lockdown due to COVID 19

CESS undertook a study to capture the changes in the attitude and behaviour of an individual keeping in view of the pandemic COVID-19. A lockdown of this length had not been witnessed by generations living at present. Though it has disrupted our lives, every individual had devised their own ways to get engaged irrespective of the feel good or feel bad experiences. In this regard CESS conducted a study and a questionnaire was framed for the same with various aspects of behavioural changes that people would usually experience. We were able to capture around 375 responses basically from Karnataka.