Survey on Virtual Teaching – Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

CESS conducted a study to understand how faculty and students, of higher education institutions, adopted to virtual teaching-learning during the lockdown period. The survey was conducted from June through September 2020. Besides, faculty and students, colleges and universities were also approached. The primary objective of the survey was to capture the experiences and challenges of the faculty, students and higher education institutions in shifting from physical teaching-learning process to virtual teaching-learning platforms. 

The survey was designed to objectively look at the issues and concerns of the key respondents of this survey-faculty, students and heads of the institution/department in conducting virtual-online and offline classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students during the lock-down period. The survey was geographically limited to higher education institutions within the state of Karnataka. 

The primary intent of this survey is to help the stakeholders, including the government; make evidence-based interventions to strengthen and build a resilient higher education system in the state. The survey also provided an opportunity for the institutions, faculty and students to self-evaluate their preparedness to take a leap towards virtual teaching-learning.


Online Survey to “Study the attitude and behavior of people during lockdown due to COVID 19”

CESS undertook a study to capture the changes in the attitude and behavior of an individual keeping in view of the pandemic COVID-19. A lockdown of this length had not been witnessed by generations living at present. Though it has disrupted our lives, every individual had devised their own ways to get engaged irrespective of the feel good or feel bad experiences. In this regard CESS conducted a study and a questionnaire was framed for the same with various aspects of behavioral changes that people would usually experience. We were able to capture around 375 responses basically from Karnataka.