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How technology is changing the way we teach

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 - 12:43
Girish V Gurjar
PhD Scholar, CESS Research Center

Today’s modern classroom, irrespective of whether it is a K-12 or higher education classroom, is not just limited to chalk and blackboards. With the advent of technology, classrooms across the globe have been transformed into dynamic learning spaces.  These classrooms are now equipped with interactive whiteboards, digital learning solutions, virtual reality headsets, and a host of other devices. Yes, we are now seeing a shift away from the traditional model of teaching and learning towards a more integrated digital curriculum. In fact, the COVID situation has made all educators and students to look for newer ways of teaching and learning through technology.

This new wave of education is centered on using technology as an essential tool for students to actively engage in their own learning experiences. This type of hands-on instruction not only enables students to grasp concepts faster but also optimizes their retention rate long after they leave the classroom.