Capacity Building

CESS aims to carry out the capacity building of Individuals, Institutions, System and Society in the domain of Education, Health and Public Services. We work at different levels:

Individual level: Finding ways to support individuals which includes teachers, heads of institutions, quality coordinators, students, researchers and health care personnel as they face the demands of new developments in the delivery side of both education and health care.

Institutional level: Supporting institutions like schools, colleges, Universities, organizations and others in forming policies, developing effective organizational structures, good management and developing leadership at all levels.

System level: Finding efficient ways to support system level actors like policy makers, teacher associations and education / health care bodies to be able to fulfill their roles in designing, implementing and evaluating educational policies.

Societal level: Striving towards more interactive and responsive public administration for achieving quality in public services.



We organize capacity building programmes both independently and in collaboration with Institutions, Universities, Government bodies and departments.

We organize CBP in the following areas:

Our aim is to strengthen Teachers, Education Leaders, Researchers, Schools/Colleges/Universities, NGOs and Policy Makers to deliver better in their respective role. We extend our support through Mentoring, Training Programme, Workshop and Consultation in following areas:

Education Institutions (both Schools & Colleges) and Universities –

For Teachers and Heads of Institutions

  • Teacher Development
  • Teaching-Learning & Pedagogy
  • Research Skill and Methodology
  • Curriculum Development
  • Institutional Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Best Practices & Innovation
  • Quality Management
  • Accreditation

Courses and Workshops for Research Scholars

  • Research Skill and Methodology

Courses and Workshops on Indic thoughts

Courses and Workshops on Bharatiya Management


Some of our Capacity Building Workshops:
  • A Workshop was organized for prospective research scholars on “VTU-ETR (Management) 2020" on 15 February, 2020.
  • A Workshop was organized for research scholars and faculty members on “E-Resources for Academic and Research Excellence and Strategies to Enhance Research Visibility, Citations and Impact” on 28 December, 2019.
  • A Research Methodology Workshop was organized for Social Science Research Scholars on 25 & 26 October, 2019.
  • A National Workshop was organized on "Bharatiya Management" in collaboration with IIMB, IIMT & REVA University, supported by AICTE, New Delhi on 18 & 19 October, 2019.
  • A Workshop was organized for faculty members of undergraduate programmes of Seshadripuram Group of Institutions on "Experiential Learning" in collaboration with Seshadripuram Educational Trust, Bengaluru on 31 July, 2019.
  • “Rethinking India: Workshop on demystifying the ideas on India, India Culture, Religion, History and Society” was organized on 15 and 16 June, 2019 at CESS, Bengaluru.
  • A Workshop was organized for faculty members of undergraduate programmes of JSS Group of Institutions on "Envisioning the Faculty Role in Education" in collaboration with JSS Science and Technology University, Mysore on 28 May, 2019.
  • A Workshop was organized for faculty members and administrative staff of Tumkur University on "Change Management and Innovation - Need of the hour" on 9 May, 2019.
  • A Workshop was organized for faculty members and IQAC members of Degree Colleges on “Strengthening Undergraduate Education” in collaboration with AES National Degree College, Gauribidanur on 23 February, 2019.
  • A Workshop was organized for faculty members by Pragnya Counseling Centre of CESS on “Teacher Transformation and Counseling” at MLA Institution, Bengaluru on 17 July, 2018.
  • A National level Seminar was organized on “Quality Assurance in Higher Education” in collaboration with SSMRV College, Bengaluru on 9 March, 2018. The heads of institutions, faculty members and IQAC coordinators from different colleges were participated in the seminar.
  • A Workshop was organized in collaboration with VET First Grade College and Bangalore University First Grade College Principals Association on “New Accreditation Guidelines of NAAC" on 25 September, 2017. The principals and IQAC coordinators of Bangalore University affiliated First Grade Colleges were participated in the workshop.
  • A Training Programme was organized in collaboration with R V Institute of Management on “Quality Public Service through Digital Transformation” on 11 March, 2017 for representatives from civil society organizations, NGOs & Senior Citizen forums.
  • A Conference was organized on “Strengthening Ethical and Moral Values in Governance” in collaboration with IIPA-Karnataka Regional Branch & MP Birla Institute of Management, Bengaluru on 24 September, 2016.
  • A Training Programme was organized on "Supportive Supervision” to the medical officers of Bagalkot District, Department of Ayush, Government of Karnataka on 15 & 16 February, 2013.
  • Undertaken Capacity Building Project titled “Samartha” in 2011 to strengthen DIETs in Karnataka which was funded by Karnataka Knowledge Commission, Government of Karnataka.