Annadaana in India:  A Historical and Functional Perspective

In  Indian culture, the most common form of giving is Annadaana  which is considered  as  the  most  superior  form of  daanas.  The literal meaning of Annadaana is giving food, supporting, maintaining. Despite  of  Annadaana  being  a  deep rooted  tradition   since  ages,  there  are  limited studies  that  capture  the  concept  and  its  magnitude,  which  is seemingly instilled in Indian culture and tradition.  To comprehend Annadaana as a practice, CESS has undertaken this exploratory study.

A Study on Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Education Philosophy and its Application

Is an attempt to study and understand the educational philosophy and practice of Sri. Aurobindo to capture the timeless universal component of education.  The study will look into all the philosophical underpinnings that guide the educational experiments based on Sri. Aurobindo’s philosophy across the country. It seeks to relate and understand the importance of Sri. Aurobindo’s philosophy on education with different components of education like purpose of education, principles and methods of  teaching,  curriculum,  transaction, relationships  of  teachers and pupil, discipline, Governance etc., Further the study will also look  into  the  select  educational  experimentations, quality  and outcomes of such an educational process.


A Study to understand the present assessment system of HEIs vis-a-vis its functional requirement to be an enabler for regulation through accreditation

CESS in conjunction with ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) is conducting “A study to understand the present assessment system of HEIs vis-a-vis its functional requirement to be an enabler for regulation through accreditation" in the backdrop of NEP 2020.The study aims to understand the various components of the present assessment/ranking framework which are vital to the process of accreditation and  to identify other aspects to be added to the assessment process for enabling it to capture the regulatory requirements implied or otherwise.


Policy Framework for Post Pandemic Developmental Needs of India - Underpinning the Need for Self- Reliance

This study proposes a set of policy initiatives towards growth and stability of the economy and the society. Economic and social development policies, including education with a strong indigenous flavour and the privileging of self- reliance, would be the major output of this study. Based on the methodology of Key Informant Survey, numerous experts from India and abroad would be engaged in consultative meetings, brainstorming exercises and in-depth interviews. ICSSR, New Delhi is funding this research project.