Education Congress

Today, we stand at the cross roads where the country is facing yet another challenge in the space of education, which decides the direction in which the country must move. It is difficulty to unravel different thoughts and ideologies that are implicit. We often get impression from the incisive thinking and discussions that so much is to be done for shaping education to make it holistic and of highest quality in the rapidity of challenges and change.

In the light of the keeping the present education system and its quality enhancement as a focal point to reinvigorate, Education Congress is started in the forefront for facilitating education holistically. Educationists generally lay increasing emphasis on the understanding the policy and guidelines, while it’s accompanied by the intellectual and developing scientific temper of mind in the space of research. The idea to hold the congress was at the behest to strengthen research studies in the domain of education with the vision for transformation for future. The congress looks forward for long lasting relationship with all the stake holders in different capacities.


Education Congress gives special focus on emerging and frontier areas and retrospective as well as prospective views of the contemporary developments in the field of education. 

The vision of education Congress is a leading force spirit of all the stakeholders, time has given us an opportunity to reflect and introspect to the questions raised. It aims at providing thematically focused deliberations of to provide key knowledge from experts, educators and institutions who share thoughts exchange ideas and experiences which fosters strengthening network between
society and educational system for better education to all.

We will update further details shortly.