“Made in Bharath – Global Perspectives on Management”



The book titled “Made in Bharat: Global Perspectives on Management” is an initiative from Centre for Educational and Social Studies, Bengaluru in rediscovering the early roots of Management.  

The book is edited by Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli, and Dr. Sudhakar G P, Consultant & Visiting Professor, Centre for Educational and Social Studies, Bangalore.  


The book contains two sections, viz., Bharatiya Management Thought and Bharatiya Management Pedagogy.  The articles in this book offer a variety of perspectives on this enduring and re-emerging body of knowledge, some defining Bharatiya Management, others discussing its scope or components, some others reflecting on how to make it part of the mainstream management education and few others discussing important concepts unique to Indian heritage. The authors who have contributed articles to this book are experts in the field of Bharatiya Management, have enormous knowledge of our ancient texts, and have beautifully distilled the concepts suiting to present day needs.


CESS wishes that this book brings in growing interest among academicians and practicing managers to consider Bharatiya Management and becomes a part of a movement that disseminates ‘Bharatiya Management Thought’.


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