We conduct research in areas critical to emerging issues in Education, Health and Public Services. Since inception, we have positioned ourselves with strong research focus. As a committed Research Institution we have consistently focused on solutions and scientific contributions to address the problems and challenges in the work we are engaged in.

Research at CESS is largely based on issues that are directly relevant to our vision, and at a broader level, on issues that have social relevance and impact. Substantial emphasis is placed on research that contributes to improve the quality of public school system, bring changes in governance of higher education, and improve public health and public services.

We believe in collaborative approach for all our work and join hands with Government, Public Institutions, NGOs and Industries to undertake meaningful research. We also facilitate scholars to pursue their research through our Research Centres in different disciplines and conduct capacity building workshops and seminars.

Our Research Areas
  • Integral Education
  • Academic Leadership
  • Learning Environment
  • Regulation and Governance
  • Curricular Reforms
  • Innovation in Pedagogical and Assessment Practices
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research and Innovation
  • Role of Technology and Integration
  • Equity and Inclusive Education
  • Quality in Public Schools
  • Education Policy
  • Theorizing Cultural Difference
  • Linguistics and other Domains in Indian Traditions
  • Development Studies
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Public Health
  • Indian Management, Commerce and Economics


Some of our recent Research Initiatives

A Micro-Survey on Readiness of HEIs for Implementing NEP in Karnataka

National Education Policy 2020 – Accreditation as an Enabler of Regulation in Higher Education

Technology in Higher Education - Virtual Teaching & Learning: The Way Forward

Sri Aurobindo's Integral Education Philosophy and its Application

Policy Framework for Post Pandemic Developmental Needs of India - Underpinning the Need for Self- Reliance

Indian Financial and Human Resource Management – From Ancient Scriptures and Indigenous Practices

Study on Accreditation and Grading patterns of NAAC

Government Schools: Towards Excellence – Cases of Government Schools with Unique and Innovative Practices


Research Centre

Research Centre in Management Studies

The Management Research Centre of the CESS is recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, Karnataka. It extends professional guidance and assistance to research scholars in the area of Management Studies leading to a doctoral degree. The scholars are encouraged to take up inter-disciplinary research in various domains which aligns with the vision of CESS.

The Centre offers Ph.D. Program in Management discipline. We invite applications from highly motivated, research-oriented eligible candidates for admission into full time/part time Ph.D. Program. We also encourage professionals and people who are working in industries to apply for the doctoral program at our research centre.

For Admission please contact:

Contact: 080-23182947