Institution form

2. Did the college/university engage in any virtual classes during the COVID pandemic?
×If "No" go to question 12, 13 and 14 only
If yes
2.2 How many hours of virtual classes have been held during this period in total?
3. Was there any challenge/s in running the virtual classes?
4. How the University/college supported the faculty members in conducting virtual class?
(You can tick more than one)
5. Did your college/university invest on building infrastructure to facilitate virtual classes during the closure?
If yes, was the investment on
6. How did the teachers respond to the notification/call for conducting virtual classes?
7. Was there any virtual capacity building programme conducted for faculty members during the period?
8. Was there any guest lecture/webinar/workshop conducted for students?
9. In the absence of physical mobility, on campus teaching-learning, how did your institution manage faculty and student reporting/monitoring:
10. Whether University/collage had taken feedback from teachers and students about virtual class?
11. What was the colleges/universities overall experience with regard to offering virtual classes?
12. Do you think that the virtual classes will be the norm in the future?
13. Do you have any plans with respect to the followings in future:
Offering virtual courses/degrees
Include virtual teaching component in the existing courses
Conducting online examination
Reserving few credits for MOOC in selected courses
Include technology enabled Self Learning modules in some subjects