Themes and Sub-themes

1. Elements of Holistic Multidisciplinary Education

  • Higher Education Curriculum Framework
  • Outcome Based Learning
  • Learner-Centric Approach

2. Building Research and Innovation Culture in HEIs

  • Academic Research Integrity
  • Fostering Research & Innovation Culture
  • Developing Research Ecosystem

3. Institutional Development Plan as Strategic Roadmap for Implementing NEP

  • Developing Implementation Strategies
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Ensuring Flexibility, Equity and Inclusion in HEIs

4. Integration of Technology

  • EdTech Solutions for Quality Higher Education
  • Digital Preparedness for Transformation
  • Hybrid Mode of Education

5. Restructuring Assessment and Accreditation

  • Binary Accreditation of HEIs
  • Graded Autonomy to HEIs
  • Program Accreditation

Note: Papers can be submitted only on themes or on any of the sub-themes