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1. Did you attend any virtual classes during the COVID pandemic?


If "No" go to question 9, 10 11 and 12
If yes
c. Is content uploaded (like in YouTube etc) by the faculty?
d. Total number of hours of virtual classes attended
2. Did you come across any challenge/faced any difficulty to participate in the virtual online classes?
If yes, what difficulty/challenges did you faced? Please tick in the appropriate cell.
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3. Did you get any of the following support from your college/university?
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5. Was there any assessment/evaluation of your learning outcome of virtual classes?
If yes, what type of assessment you have undergone during the online classes?
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6. What was your overall experience with regard to virtual classes?
7. What are the key differences you could observe between physical classroom teaching and virtual classes?(record top 3 differences)
8. Whether your University/collage had taken feedback from you about virtual class?
9. If given a choice would you prefer more virtual classes in the future?
10. Do you think that the virtual classes will be the norm in the future (post pandemic)?
11. According to you what should be the ideal length of each session and total number of sessions per day?